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Our Programs


(6 weeks to walking)

This is an amazing time in your child’s life. Every day brings a new gift – a smile, a new word, a new tooth. At GBCC, we attend to your infant’s every need and we listen carefully to you – the parent – so that your needs are met as well. We maintain a stimulating environment in the infant room. 

Effective communication should be give and take. Starting with the "give", we'll give you daily updates that are accessible in real time, which describes your child's accomplishments, feelings, the day's activities and other important notes.


(walking to 24 months)

Walking. Climbing. Exploring. Running. Dancing. Talking. Suddenly, everything about your child’s life is changing. By acquiring mobility and speech, your little one experiences the world in a whole new way, making movement, language and related milestones an important component of our toddler program.

But movement and language is only one aspect of a varied curriculum that promises to stimulate and nurture very young minds and bodies. Children ages 12 months to two years develop faster than almost any other age group. 


(24 to 36 months)

Potty training, learning to share, and the not so “terrible twos” are all a part of this wonderful but sometimes challenging period in your child’s life. By promoting independence and developing their emerging awareness ​of social behavior, we help your two year old discover life beyond their own little world. Your child is a person now, well past the infant stage, and the Pre-K2 curriculum reflects that. 

Preschool - K3

(3 years old by Sept 30)

Learning letters. Using scissors. Asking questions. Your three-year-old will be acquiring important skills for learning – not the least of which is the ability to sit and listen! Our thematically-based curriculum includes learning objectives that advanced along with your child’s development.

By promoting hands-on activities while reinforcing independence skills such as washing those hands after using the potty, we help your child make great strides during this important year.

Preschool - K4

(4 years old by Sept 30)

Learning words, Tracing letters, Counting Bears, are setting the stage for comprehension in these areas. With kindergarten around the corner, four-year-olds are getting ready for the big time! We continue with our thematically-based curriculum in which learning objectives are advanced along with the child’s development.

But we never lose sight of the fact that your four-year-old is still a preschooler, and we shape our curriculum and our expectations with that in mind. By continuing with hands-on activities, we help your child make great strides during this pivotal year.

Before & After School Care

(Kindergarten - 5th Grade)

Program Features

  • Homework support
  • Fitness activities to keep your child active and healthy
  • Prayer and Devotion Time
  • A comfortable environment where your child will learn to build confidence, self esteem, character and social skills

Public School Bus (Morning Pickup & Afternoon Drop Off from center): 

Great Bridge Primary & Great Bridge Intermediate

GBCC Transportation (Afternoon Pickup Only): 

Hickory Elem, South Eastern Elem, Cedar Road Elem, Grassfield Elem.

Summer Camp

(Kindergarten - 5th Grade)

Our full day summer camp for older children feature a new adventure every week! But no matter what the weekly theme, children always get a healthy dose of summer fun and Bible knowledge!! Slip n' slides,  Memory Verse Challenges, Kona Ice, Field Trips and more!!

You can breathe easy, knowing your child is fully occupied for a fun-filled summer day while you have the time you need to meet your work responsibilities.

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